IBM Security Guardium Data Protection completed its official certification for both Cloudera and Hortonworks platforms, extending its big data security capabilities by integrating more deeply with the platforms.

IBM Security Guardium Dives Deeper Into Big Data Security

The problem of big data security is not an easy one to solve. There are certainly best practices, but the actual implementation can be complex when there are multiple components and entry points to the big data lake.

Guardium was the first offering to provide rich, non-native big data security capabilities for Hadoop environments back in 2012. Since then, Guardium has continued to evolve its support to include more components, enhanced reporting and even the ability to block unauthorized traffic.

IBM Guardium Certifies New Big Data Security Capabilities

IBM Guardium Certifies New Big Data Security Capabilities

Simplify Activity Data Collection

These certifications are significant because they represent an alternative deployment model that simplifies the process and enables Guardium to support the auditing of encrypted traffic with no complex agent modifications. For both Hadoop big data platforms, Guardium is now integrating with native auditing capabilities provided by Cloudera Navigator and Hortonworks Ranger, which provide auditing on their respective platforms.

Moving the nuts-and-bolts work of data collection back to the Hadoop vendor enables organizations to easily collect Hadoop activity in the Guardium data protection platform. Guardium enhances this data by providing security-specific analytics, sophisticated reporting capabilities, compliance workflows and real-time alerting.

The Guardium platform normalizes these capabilities across the entire data landscape, including data warehouses, online transaction processing (OLTP) environments, NoSQL systems, native z/OS and even file access on both mainframe and non-mainframe environments.

Learn More at Our Tech Talks

For a technical deep dive into these new integrations, please register for our two upcoming tech talks. “Data Protection for Cloudera Hadoop Using IBM Security Guardium: A Deep Dive” will take place on Feb. 8. That will be followed by “Data Protection for Hortonworks Hadoop Using IBM Security Guardium: A Deep Dive” on Feb. 23.

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