PHP Will Incorporate Libsodium for Crypto

February 22, 2017 @ 1:00 PM
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Many developers consider the Libsodium library the go-to source of application-layer cryptography. It is thought to offer a portable, cross-compilable, easy-to-use library that can be applied to most standard crypto functions such as encryption, decryption, signatures and password hashing.

Now, the PHP core will be bound with the Libsodium cryptography libraries as of version 7.2. This merger is scheduled to emerge toward the end of this year, Bleeping Computer reported.

SHP Problems

The impetus for the change involved a new kind of environment that PHP — which powers at least 82 percent of websites, according to Bleeping Computer — encountered when running the WordPress content management system (CMS). Researchers have found numerous WordPress vulnerabilities of late, and the solution usually includes another PHP extension that functions as a CMS security-oriented extension.

However, problems can arise when using a shared host provider (SHP) rather than kind that provides root access in the cloud by default. SHPs do not want all sorts of PHP extensions roaming throughout their systems because if PHP breaks breaks something, they have to clean up the resulting mess. These limitations could lead to unsecured WordPress environments.

Libsodium Boosts Security

Scott Arciszewski, chief development officer at Paragon Initiative Enterprises, told Bleeping Computer that having all the raw, cryptographical goodness of Libsodium under the hood of PHP will have many salutary effects.

For example, he believes that Libsodium can eliminate the need for the number of PHP extensions otherwise required for a WordPress installation. The basic and secure cryptography, he reasoned, would be supported by default, and WordPress developers will be attracted to the newer and more secure functions.

Arciszewski further explained his reasoning on the Paragon Initiative blog. There he added that PHP’s commitment to cryptography is the first of its kind, and any future developments or similar relationships should only enhance security.

It remains to be seen whether adding Libsodium to PHP will increase the use of cryptography tools and result in more concrete security. However, it’s a step in the right direction for sure.

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