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Services That Solve Technology Sprawl

Be honest — how many pieces of security gear do you have sitting in boxes in a closet somewhere? How many software licenses do you own that you’ve never used? How many pieces of equipment do you have installed in a data center rack but have never even turned on?

You can’t help but wonder where it all came from. Maybe it was a discount from a vendor you just couldn’t resist. Maybe you had to spend the money on something or lose it in next year’s budget. Maybe there was a big corporate initiative to enhance security as a result of a highly publicized breach. Now you have more gadgets and tools than you know what to do with. Welcome to the nightmare of technology sprawl.

Solving Technology Sprawl

So what are you going to do now? How can you use all this equipment to improve your company’s security? Do you even have people on your team who know how all the gear works or how it all integrates?

It’s possible you’ve got it all under control, with racks and racks of security gear all beautifully organized with colored network cables. Your team is staffed and knows exactly how everything works, and you’re squeezing every bit of functionality out of the hardware and software you own.

Then one day you get a call from your boss telling you to get rid of it all and move your security operations to the cloud.

This is where you need a partner to help you determine where you are, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there, and to devise a long-term strategy to avoid repeating this mess. This partner should be an extension of — not a replacement for — your team of security personnel and share your vision for the future.

IBM Security Services to the Rescue

Enter IBM Security Services. Our consulting team can help you unshackle yourself from the burden of technology sprawl. Our Managed Security Services team can then take over some or even all of your infrastructure security needs, no matter how big, complex or geographically dispersed your enterprise may be.

Our extended portfolio of security services can also help you with other security needs, including incident response planning and execution, identity and access management (IAM), data and application security, and a wide variety of security testing services from our X-Force Red team to help identify gaps and satisfy compliance requirements.

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Ian S. Thomas

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