The Power of a Big Data Platform Purpose-Built for Data Security Requirements

January 30, 2018 @ 1:30 AM
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Today, IBM announced IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence, a solution that provides the power and capacity of a big data platform while also meeting data security requirements. Expanding data volumes and longer compliance data retention requirements are putting enormous and previously unforeseen stresses on organizations’ data security and compliance environments.

This new solution works with the IBM Security Guardium data protection platform to enhance the data security and compliance environment. It enables organizations to become more agile, quickly creating an optimized, secure data lake that retains large quantities of historical data over long time periods to deliver new, enriched analytical insights and nearly real-time reporting while reducing operational and performance costs.

How Guardium Big Data Intelligence Helps Turbocharge Data Security and Compliance Efforts

The data security and compliance-related data lake created by Guardium Big Data Intelligence can accommodate terabytes of data, allowing it to support emerging compliance requirements to store audit-oriented data for up to five years. It also enables users to enrich their existing data security and compliance information with data from other sources — such as IBM QRadar, Tableau, IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager, CyberArk, Hortonworks, Splunk and more — without impacting performance.

Big data analytics and machine learning capabilities are built in so users can uncover new insights from this enriched, context-aware data. Those insights are made available in a number of efficient ways. A range of authorized end users, such as auditors, security intelligence professionals and others, and applications benefit from self-service access to the data and insights in Guardium Big Data Intelligence, which supports nearly real-time reporting. Case in point: One client was able to generate reports on 16 billion records in five to 10 seconds.

Additionally, Guardium Big Data Intelligence provides intelligent orchestration via an event-level workflow engine, giving the right users quick access to the most relevant information they need to take action. The offering also provides simple, graphical data exploration capabilities so users can quickly find the data they need in the platform. All of these capabilities are helpful to Guardium administrators, who are now freed up to focus on data security and compliance issues and improve the organization’s security posture.

Enriching IBM Security Guardium With a Big Data Platform

IBM Security Guardium continues to fulfill its pivotal role as the data security and protection platform, supporting the automated discovery and classification of sensitive data, discovering vulnerabilities in data sources, performing data and file activity monitoring, applying cognitive risk and threat detection analytics, and providing protection for data at rest and in motion. Meanwhile, Guardium Big Data Intelligence helps to bring additional agility, supports longer data retention timelines cost-effectively and provides new context-aware insights.

Unleash the Full Power of Guardium Solutions

Guardium provides powerful data security and compliance capabilities to help protect data wherever it resides. With Guardium Big Data Intelligence, you can quickly supercharge your data security and compliance solution by providing greater agility, supporting longer data retention timelines without impacting performance, and delivering enhanced breadth of insights and direct, self-service access for end users and applications.

Security program leaders can unleash the full power of their Guardium solutions while Guardium and Guardium Big Data Intelligence work hand in hand to help overcome the challenges presented by today’s complex data security and compliance landscape and huge volumes of information.

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Leslie Wiggins
Senior Product Manager, IBM Security

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