There’s No Place Like Home: IBM Security Rejoins the IBM Middleware Community

October 24, 2017 @ 9:20 AM
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We are happy to announce that IBM Security is back and part of our IBM Middleware User Community. As some of the members know, Security was originally part of the Tivoli Software Group (SWG) division and had a great presence within the Middleware group. We are now in our sixth year as IBM Security and felt it was time to go back to our roots.

Community Matters

When the tech industry was younger, user groups and communities were formulated around technologies. SHARE was the first, bringing IBM Mainframe users together in 1955! Over the years, user groups have evolved their focus to include a wide array of enterprise applications, and IBM is no exception. I remember the days when I was the User Group leader for the former Rational Software. As much as things change, they certainly stay the same.

Such groups offer a sense of community and the ability to share information with subject matter experts (SMEs) who understand the challenges that can accompany modern enterprise technologies. The Security division recognizes this fact and we want to provide this peer-to-peer support via our newly formulated IBM Security Community.

A Focus on Collaboration

Our community will be founded on the guiding principle of collaboration. Opening the channels of communication and encouraging collaboration between organizations is a step in the right direction to improving cybersecurity. The bad guys have built an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and information sharing, so the good guys should be doing the same.

Our clients are constantly monitoring when the next attack will happen, and we remain vigilant to ensure we are providing our clients with the best ability to respond to these advanced threats. But are we ready for the next WannaCry or Petya?

We want to bring our clients and experts together in our IBM Security Community to help meet these challenges, share concerns and provide a platform to enable peer-to-peer communication — and ultimately help each other meet the business challenges that many of us face.

Better Together

We need to band together, because it’s a complex world we live in. The culmination of these relationships between client-vendor and customer-customer happens at the community level and within our local user meetings.

We want our community to turn into a hive of people looking not only to improve our product/service, but also to learn from and help one another. We are just starting out, and want your participation and feedback for how to get our group growing and thriving.

Join Our Community

Please join our virtual IBM Middleware User Community and see what user groups are happening in your region. Share what you want to hear from IBM Security. We are glad to be back!

Join our user community today

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