‘Twas the hack before Christmas, the time late December,
All the employees of Bank Corp. were home with beloved family members.

Now, despite the late hour and joyous time of year,
Not all were celebrating; some were spreading great fear.

Half a world away, in a dim, darkened cube farm,
Hackers were hard at work, causing great cyber harm.

First there was Percy, perfect at port scans.
He created the doorways for the rest of his clan.

Next, Robert sent ransomware to cause terminal lockouts.
Then Blitzen made spyware to copy Bank Corp. login accounts.

Not last was Terrence, who made Trojans well-hidden.
No one at Bank Corp. saw his work … until next Thanksgiving.

Finally Phyllis finished this foil with some masterful phishing.
Her emails so flawless, Bank Corp. employees would surely start clicking.

The new year will surely bring Bank Corp. lots of surprises.
It’ll watch productivity plummet as the competition’s stock rises.

Was there a way to stop this horrid attack
Without sacrificing vacation, and taking no naps?

There certainly was, my dear reader friend.
All Bank Corp. needed was managed security from IBM!

All of us here at Security Intelligence wish our readers a very happy holidays and a secure new year. Thank you for a great 2016!

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