Online Safety Tips for NCSAM: Lessons From Week Two

October 17, 2016
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Are you now successfully employing the cybersecurity tips we shared last week to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)? Here are seven more NCSAM lessons from IBM Security and the EveryApp team to keep in mind this October and beyond.

1. Don’t Think It Won’t Happen to You

Virus infections, hard drive failures, stolen devices — it happens all the time! Schedule the time to…

2. Keep Your Guard Up When Asked for Sensitive Information

Did you get a call or email asking for sensitive information? Google the company’s phone number, and…

3. Good Antivirus Is a Must

Do you have a good antivirus solution on all your devices? You should. Run regular checks, and…

4. Know Whether the Website Is Secure

When entering personal information on the website, are you paying attention to whether the website is secure? Instead of HTTP, the URL should start with…

5. Shopping Online? Don’t Save Card Details

Saving your card details in an online account is convenient, but…

6. Don’t Open Those Chain Letters

Got a chain letter (email, social media message, etc.) addressed to many recipients asking you to forward it? Fraudsters use chain letters to distribute malware. That’s why…

7. Be Protective of Who Is Entering Your Circle of Trust

Don’t accept friend or connection requests from people you don’t know, and beware — fraudsters are known to create fake profiles to impersonate people you do know.

Share These NCSAM Lessons

Did you know it all? Well done! Share these NCSAM lessons to help others in your network stay safer online.

Illustrations by Nathan Salla

Lucie Hys
Product Marketing Manager, IBM Security

Lucie Hys is a Product Marketing Manager on IBM Security's team. She has worked in marketing for more than 8 years and worked on campaigns of 30+ companies f...
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