Unless your current threat management program is fully capable of securing securing internet of things (IoT) devices, you could likely benefit from attending an IoT security summit to learn what other industry leaders are doing to discover, analyze and protect unmanaged devices.

As a chief information security officer (CISO) or other security leader, you may be accustomed to attending traditional security conferences while other members of your security team venture off to one of the many IoT events. However, if you’re looking for a focused IoT security conference that cuts through the hype, you’ll want to seek out an event where you can quickly absorb information and recommendations to help address IoT security in your threat management program.

Let’s take a closer look at what five of 2019’s most anticipated IoT security conferences have to offer.

1. IoT Security Summit

Thursday, Oct. 31–Friday, Nov. 1

Sheraton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia

Produced by Informa in conjunction with its “Future of IoT Security in Action Report,” the IoT Security Summit boasts an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitors. Zach Butler, portfolio manager for Informa Tech’s IoT World Series, told SecurityIntelligence, “This year’s conference provides a unique opportunity for the security community to take a seat at the table alongside two critical verticals in IoT and alongside an audience of IT, innovation, R&D and IoT technology users.”

If you can’t make the live IoT Security Summit, informative content is curated on Informa’s online community.

2. Black Hat USA

Saturday, Aug. 3–Thursday, Aug. 8

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

While not a focused IoT security conference, Black Hat USA will feature an important industry announcement and session by Armis Security, a pioneer in agentless security for unmanaged and IoT devices. You won’t want to miss the Armis presentation, titled “Critical Zero Days Remotely Compromise the Most Popular Real-Time OS,” in which Vice President of Research Ben Seri and fellow researcher Dor Zusman will demonstrate the exploitation of vulnerabilities on several devices and show how they can be used to bypass traditional security measures.

3. ENISA-Europol Internet of Things Security Conference

Thursday, Oct. 24–Friday, Oct. 25

Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel, Athens, Greece

If you want to attend the ENISA-Europol IoT Security Conference, you’ll need to get on the invitation list. However, it would be well worth a CISO’s time and effort to reach out for a chance to experience the high-caliber presentations and discussions. IBM Security’s program director of emerging technology, Ryan Dougherty, will lead a discussion in the IoT Security and Artificial Intelligence (AI) track.

4. IoT Security Foundation Conference

Thursday, Nov. 26

ILEC Conference Centre, London, U.K.

Described as the longest-running IoT security summit, the IoT Security Foundation Conference is an intense one-day learning event featuring three tracks. The event’s strategic track for business leaders will attract CISOs who need to understand both contemporary enterprise IoT issues as well as the methods used to secure IoT devices. According to John Moor, managing director of the IoT Security Foundation, the conference will include “best practice sessions and briefings on the development of international regulation and policy.”

5. Symposium on Securing the IoT

Monday, Oct. 7–Wednesday, Oct. 9

Crown Plaza Hotel, Natick, Massachusetts

The IoT Security Summit is a past association sponsor of the three-day Symposium on Securing the IoT. Event organizers promise to feature speakers from leading companies who are currently solving IoT security problems in their organizations, offering CISOs an intimate setting in which to learn how their peers are securing IoT devices in their enterprise.

Don’t Wait to Register for Your Favorite IoT Security Conference

Within your enterprise buildings, there are hundreds if not thousands of unmanaged assets and IoT devices that need to be secured. Attending an IoT security summit will help you better understand what these devices are, the most common threats and vulnerabilities associated with them, and how security leaders can successfully extend a threat management program to secure IoT devices. Most of these IoT security events are right around the corner, so register yourself and your team today.

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