You’re busy. We get that. Let’s suppose you’re like most of your colleagues in security. In that case, it’s almost like Groundhog Day. It starts with chasing the latest threat and protecting your company or agency from attacks. It ends with you wondering where the last eight (or more) hours went. This leaves you little time to do what you really want to do — transform your work into an enabler of growth and innovation. Take a breath. We can help.

So take a few moments and scan our latest and most popular guides and reports below. You’ll save yourself some time while you’re at it.

Top Cybersecurity Reads for 2021

Get smart: Understand the latest threats and who actors are targeting — and why

Based on data collected from real attacks over the past year, this annual report offers suggestions to help you bolster your strategy for the future. The 2021 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report sheds light on recent trends defining the threat landscape. Check out these threat types, top attack vectors and top areas and industries targeted.

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Are you ready for zero trust?

A zero trust strategy offers a model for improving your digital defense aligned to your group’s goals. This Forrester zero trust 10-minute assessment will show how your current practices measure up. To do so, it uses the six pillars of Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended framework: data, networks, people, workload, devices, analytics and automation. It’s a good resource to help you navigate your zero trust journey by offering a starting point and next steps.

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Find out how secure your cloud setup really is

Keeping the cloud safe depends on a lot of moving parts. It takes proper configuration, data governance and risk oversight to how you approach software provisioning, development/deployment, identity and access management and training. This brief, eight-question assessment will give you a posture score at the end. From there, you can know where to go next on your journey to secure cloud computing.

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Find out why insider threats are more prevalent than you might think

The 2021 X-Force Insider Threat Report studies the role access level plays in insider attacks, along with suggestions for detecting and preventing these threats. The data shows a need for insider threats to be a prominent component of an information security program.

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Understand the latest techniques to prepare for and respond to attacks

We all want to avoid the financial loss resulting from a major breach. That’s not to mention the potential loss in trust and market share. You’ll want to be able to study what happened after an attack, with the right tools and processes in place. But in addition to that, preparing for a threat before a major breach occurs can help to keep business running smoothly and reduce the time to recover. Check out IBM Security X-Force’s latest guide, 3 Strategy Essentials: Preparing for and Responding to Cyberattacks. See why it’s important to use both offensive and defensive techniques to combat threats.

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Know your enemies — you can bet they know you

The IBM Security X-Force Cyberattack Preparation and Execution Frameworks whitepaper can help find more areas in which you can improve your security posture and lower risk by addressing the steps an adversary is likely to take. It includes key elements the frameworks address in the overall attack model, key phases of attacks and how to talk about complex threats with ease and control.

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Ransomware continues to increase — learn how to protect yourself

The volume and refinement of ransomware attacks continue to increase. To minimize downtime and impacts to their brands, security teams need to develop comprehensive ransomware strategies that encompass tools and processes across all the stages of an attack. This guide offers a prescriptive approach to ransomware attacks and insight into powerful risk repair tactics.

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Save money and stress — find out how much a data breach could cost

The annual Cost of a Data Breach Report explores financial impacts and the defensive measures that can help reduce costs. That includes the average total cost of a data breach, the countries and industries with the biggest financial loss, and the average time to detect and contain a breach. This report also includes tips that can help stop a data breach and mitigate its costs.

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Top Experts Talk — Are You Listening?

Top services companies

The Omdia Universe report from Informa Tech, the company behind Black Hat and Dark Reading, offers an independent assessment of leading global IT security service providers so you can see how your vendors stack up.

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Top SIEM vendors

In the latest Forrester Wave for Security Analytics report, see how the top 11 platforms are stacking up in this 27-point vendor assessment.

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Cyber resilience study

The Ponemon Institute study on The Cyber Resilient Organization features responses from more than 3,400 security workers around the world. This study can help you understand the trends in cyber resilience over the past five years, how your peers are using incident response plans and playbooks to prepare for and respond to attacks and which tech can help improve cyber resilience.

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The Forrester Wave: Global Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) report ranks the top 15 MSSP leaders according to 26 benchmarks. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps you select the right one for your needs.

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Managed detection and response study

What does managed detection and response (MDR) really do? Enterprise Management Associates sought to better understand the attitudes in the industry about the value and place of MDR. It also wanted to gain deeper knowledge of what prompts clients to build out their own MDR rather than outsource it, which functions are most critical in choosing a provider and how much control customers are willing to give up when outsourcing MDR.

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Threat intelligence services report 

Here’s a precise ranking of today’s vendors. The Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services Q1 2021 report looked at top criteria for vendors with offerings including technical intelligence, information quality and threat tracking to help gain more visibility into threats.

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State of vulnerability survey

Ponemon’s State of Vulnerability Survey interviewed security workers at mid-sized to large businesses and agencies around the globe to find out how vulnerability management programs on-premises and in the cloud have evolved, challenges facing those systems and why those challenges exist. If you’re unsure about where you stand with vulnerabilities or remediation, or you’re chasing down false positives and minimal risk vulnerabilities, this report could benefit you.

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Database and big data report

This Leadership Compass from analyst firm KuppingerCole provides an overview of the market for database and big data security solutions. Check out guidance and tips for finding the sensitive data protection products that best meet customers’ needs. The report also examines a broad range of criteria and new approaches to putting consistent and comprehensive data protection in place across the enterprise.

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Give your eyes a break — and use your ears to listen to our top webcasts

No judgment, we’ve all been there! While you tackle your inbox or the next thing on your to-do list, tune in to the audio from one of the popular recent webinars that your peers are watching. Whether it is staying up to date on recent attacks, security frameworks or industry trends, there is a breadth of topic deep-dives here in webinar format.

Mapping Your Environment to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework: Are There Gaps in Coverage?

U.S. Pipeline Ransomware Attack: IoCs, Attack Paths, Prevention

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Modern Cloud Security

The Future CISO and Move to Zero Trust

The Hacker’s Corner: A Virtual Panel with Security Leaders, Hackers and Incident Responders

Insider Threats: Spot Them. Stop Them. Here’s How.

If you would like to discuss how IBM Security can help with any cybersecurity challenges or have questions about these resources, schedule a consultation here. If you require immediate assistance with incident response, please contact IBM Security X-Force’s US hotline 1-888-241-9812 | Global hotline (+001) 312-212-8034.

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