Ransomware: How Consumers and Businesses Value Their Data

December 14, 2016
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In 2016, a spate of high-profile ransomware attacks made headlines around the world. While a return to security basics can help avoid infection and alleviate recovery from such an attack, the question remains how prepared consumers and businesses are for ransomware attacks. As a result, IBM fielded a US-based consumer and business research study to determine the value people place on data and their awareness of and knowledge about ransomware.

The results of this study were, frankly, alarming. For instance, despite high levels of confidence in their ability to protect personal devices, 59 percent of consumer respondents have not taken any action in the past three months to protect their devices from being hacked. The survey, which tallies responses from individuals and business executives, provides a clear picture of an overall lack of awareness and preparedness in the face of the rising risk of ransomware attacks.

Read the complete report to learn:

  • What value consumers and businesses place on their data
  • How lax attitudes can lead to increased infection risks for ransomware attacks
  • What steps you can take to prepare for a ransomware infection

Read the Report: Ransomware — How Consumers and Businesses Value Their Data

Limor Kessem
Executive Security Advisor, IBM

Limor Kessem is an Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security. She is a widely sought-after security expert, speaker and author and a strong advocate for wom...
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