Good security is a combination of prevention, detection and response — robust, resilient, responsive.

Five years ago, that simple statement was novel. There were no purpose-built technologies that armed security teams with the capabilities needed to instruct, orchestrate and automate the incident response process. So there began Resilient Systems’ mission: to empower organizations to thrive in the face of cyberattacks and business crises.

We built the industry’s first Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform. Now in version 25, it seamlessly connects with the myriad of security tools used by organizations today, creating an intelligent incident response hub. It brings together people, processes and technology with the potency and intelligence needed to fight today’s cyber battles.

Having pioneered this nascent market, today, we’re delighted to announce our intention to become part of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise security company, IBM Security. Once the acquisition is closed, the market will have leading prevention, detection and response technologies available in a single portfolio — the security trifecta.

Simply put, it helps customers transform their security posture.

We’ve found that organizations with capable response have greater cyber resilience. IBM Security General Manager Marc van Zadelhoff referred to the Ponemon Institute report we sponsored in 2015 that showed U.S. organizations were lacking response planning and preparedness while struggling for greater resilience. We recently released similar studies for the U.K. and Germany.

Like the U.S. study, these new reports show that there are clear global trends of insufficient planning, lack of collaboration and lack of focus on building capable response.

Combining our knowledge and expertise with IBM is a perfect fit culturally and technologically. We’re already integrated with IBM QRadar and IBM App Exchange in production environments, and the opportunity to deepen that integration and extend it into other IBM technologies makes for a compelling solution for our joint customers.

Our mission continues, but now at a level that we couldn’t possibly have accomplished on our own. We’re very excited for what’s in store for our employees, customers and partners.

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