Securing Devices, Data and Users: Unified Endpoint Management at IBM InterConnect 2015

February 6, 2015
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Why You Need Unified Endpoint Management

Technological advances are moving at a breakneck speed. What is even more astounding is the rate at which users are adopting these new technologies. Unlike previous generations of users, today’s generation is willing to adopt new technology before it goes to market — or, in some cases, is even developed — by backing startups on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. From mobile banking to paying via smartphones, users are incorporating innovation into the way they live their lives. The booming trend for early adoption extends from the personal lives of users to the workplace. This dual adoption is fueled not only by the innovations themselves, but also by the continued blending of today’s work reality — working anyplace, at any time and from any device.

Combined with today’s work reality, the increasing number of devices and the diversity of the applications they run make managing this rapid adoption a challenge for organizations of all sizes. With cyberattacks increasing in both volume and sophistication, it’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals locate vulnerabilities in a corporation’s network to exploit through the various entry points created by the multitude of devices, apps and user access points. IT teams are faced with the challenge of keeping corporate data secure while ensuring employees and customers are allowed to use the latest in tech gadgets and apps to maximize their productivity. All this is done with a mandate to keep IT budgets in check with limited resources. This can lead to manual errors, overlooked devices during compliance checks and missed security updates, as seen in the case of some cyberbreaches over the past year.

IBM has been at the forefront of an endpoint management transformation and has combined two industry-leading solutions, IBM Endpoint Manager™, a leader in the endpoint management space, and IBM MobileFirst Protect™ (MaaS360), a leader in the enterprise mobility management space.

Unified Endpoint Management at IBM InterConnect 2015

By attending IBM InterConnect 2015, the premier cloud, mobile and security conference, you can learn more about IBM’s industry-leading endpoint and mobility solutions. Discover firsthand how organizations in your industry are securely managing their endpoints with greater visibility and the ability to find and fix problems in minutes with an effective and immediate incident response system powered by IBM Endpoint Manager and MaaS360. The conference will also feature a number of hands-on labs, live demos and subject matter experts. These experts will share their experiences and solution expertise on how to keep your company out of the papers for the wrong reasons by ensuring your endpoints are in continuous security configuration compliance.

Stanford University, Coca-Cola, ESM Technology, Schlumberger, Motorola Solutions, LinkedIn and Bancroft are just a few of the many clients that will present on how they secured their organization with IBM Endpoint Manager and MaaS360.

Check out the full agenda of IBM Endpoint Manager and MaaS360 sessions, and follow @IBMEndpoint for all the latest endpoint news and announcements during the conference.

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