How good is your endpoint management and security strategy? How about the quality of its execution? Chances are it’s lagging behind.

According to a recent Hiscox study, 7 in 10 organizations fail when it comes to cybersecurity readiness, even though most are keenly aware of the potential impact of a cyberattack. For smaller organizations, the inability to operate after an attack is often fatal, while larger enterprises can suffer severe reputational and financial damage. Why wouldn’t companies try harder to be cyber-ready knowing it can make or break their business?

Lack of resources is one frequently cited reason — a huge paradox given how many resources are often wasted. Our team once went into a meeting and ran a report with IBM BigFix on 4,000 machines in less than four minutes. That same process previously took that company several weeks and five people to complete.

In addition, the notion that security is solely an IT issue is still prevalent. Despite cyberthreats making headlines every day, many organizations fail to take cybersecurity seriously or spend appropriately to remediate threats.

Cybersecurity Starts With Endpoints

No matter where your organization is along its cybersecurity journey, there is almost certainly room for improvement. But given the complexity and vastness of the technology landscape, where do you start?

The best bet is usually to start with your endpoints. By getting a full security picture of your environment, you can determine what you need to prioritize next. Do you currently have a real-time view of your endpoints? Can you patch them with a first-patch success rate that’s above 98 percent? Can you manage different devices from a central location?

You can eliminate the struggles that eat up your valuable resources by deploying IBM BigFix. With this cutting-edge endpoint management and security solution, you don’t need to wait weeks or dedicate several employees to produce in-depth, customized reports of your endpoints. You can also manage different platforms, such as desktop, Windows Servers, Linux Server, Solaris, AIX and zLinux, from one central location.

Learn How to Solve Your Endpoint Management and Security Challenges at Think 2018

We’ll be talking about all things BigFix at the upcoming Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas on March 19–22. Whether you’re a current BigFix client or just considering a new endpoint management and security solution, there are a few reasons why you should attend Think.

  • Hear clients talk firsthand about the cost and time savings they are realizing thanks to BigFix:
    • Stanford University’s Stacy Lee and Jeremy Tavan will share real-world stories of how they wield BigFix to hunt for threats and protect their systems from continuous cyberattacks.
    • A Fortune 50 entertainment company will explain how it automates security and compliance with IBM BigFix.
    • Black Knight will talk about how BigFix helped it reduce software licensing costs and strengthen security.
  • Learn from Tom Mulvehill, IBM BigFix product director, why endpoint management is critical to your security strategy. You can also find out what new integrations and product improvements are underway during the BigFix Roadmap Session.
  • Understand new capabilities of IBM BigFix Compliance and what they mean for you.
  • Hear from Champion Solutions Group about Windows 10 adoption best practices and customer use cases, and find out how IBM BigFix can automate the entire conversion based on your “Desired State.”
  • See how to add endpoint visibility to IBM QRadar and IBM Resilient using BigFix in our hands-on computer lab. You can also check out another lab in which our expert will guide you through implementing endpoint detection and response (EDR) with IBM BigFix and Carbon Black.
  • Explore the BigFix interface and get all your endpoint-related questions answered by seasoned endpoint management and security specialists in the expo area.
  • Network with other users during the BigFix User Group Meeting, and share your challenges and feedback with the product development and management teams.
  • Schedule a one-on-one talk with an IBM Security executive. This is available for both current clients and business partners.


Watch the full session from Think 2018: Why Endpoint Management is Critical to Security Strategy

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