Tag: Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

The Corporate Aftershock of Advanced Persistent Threats

A Roundtable Discussion Examining the State of Organizations Under Attack Advanced Persistent Threats can cause damage of seismic proportions to your organization. These targeted cyber-attacks are designed specifically to evade organizations’...

Future of Endpoint Protection: 3 Must-Have Requirements

Today's rapidly evolving threat landscape requires advanced, intelligent endpoint protection to prevent APTs and zero-day attacks. Here are three must-have requirements that every organization needs in their endpoint security solution to protect...

Underground Cybercrime: Exploits for Sale

Trusteer's security team has recently identified a new offering from a Russian cybercrime forum member: An exploit that, according to the seller, is successful 95 percent of the time.

Top 7 Cloud Security Questions to Ask

Cloud is seen as very important for business innovation while at the same time there is increasing executive awareness and scrutiny over how the Cloud will be secured. You can start thinking about Cloud security by asking seven questions.