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What is Your Organization’s Security IQ?

Security Intelligence is quickly reaching the mainstream consciousness as a result of recent events. In the past, the public reaction to compromised data or cyber security was one of surprise and filled with reactionary angst. Now the reaction...

The Cloudy Federal Forecast

Forecast abound predicting bad ‘weather’ for the cloud due to a storm of insecurity. So as I looked into the tea leaves and saw the reports of a ‘Cloudy Forecast’ for Federal Departments and Agencies for moving into the Cloud, I do not see...

Top 7 Cloud Security Questions to Ask

Cloud is seen as very important for business innovation while at the same time there is increasing executive awareness and scrutiny over how the Cloud will be secured. You can start thinking about Cloud security by asking seven questions.

Top 8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Cloud Provider

When making decisions on cloud computing solutions, security can easily be dwarfed by over-riding pressures of moving new services to market. So what are some of the top questions to consider when evaluating a cloud provider?

Top 3 Basic Considerations to Secure the Cloud

While Cloud has been clearly identified as the next step to IT optimization, essential for increased performance and cost reduction, many of us are in a haze when it comes to the fundamental security measures required. Basic components of cloud and...