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IBM to Acquire Fiberlink: What It Means for Mobile Security

IBM has announced our intent to acquire Fiberlink. Fiberlink's MaaS360 enterprise mobility management (EAM) platform delivers leading mobile management and security capabilities from the cloud. Mobile management, when taken in combination with...

Are Passwords Dead? We Need a Better System Now

Passwords are failing us. Roughly 76% of all data breaches were enabled by weak credentialing and user authentication. It's time to discuss replacing them with something that does work.

Four Steps to Data Security in the Cloud

Four basic steps to implementing data security in the Cloud. As technology enables new insights into business it becomes even more important to protect the data that is in the Cloud or in the IT infrastructure.

9 Advantages to Mainframe for Cloud Computing

Years after the introduction of cloud computing, it is interesting that security continues to be the top inhibitor to broad scale cloud adoption: 70% consider security a cloud security inhibitor. And security leads the list of cloud inhibitors by...

What is Your Organization’s Security IQ?

Security Intelligence is quickly reaching the mainstream consciousness as a result of recent events. In the past, the public reaction to compromised data or cyber security was one of surprise and filled with reactionary angst. Now the reaction...