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What is the difference between PCI DSS and PA DSS?

What is the difference between PCI DSS and PA DSS? If I'm not a payment application vendor, what value does the PA DSS have for me? Addressing the top questions of interest to the Application Information Security Community.

Does it really matter if my software is built securely?

A couple of weeks ago, I was meeting with the application security team at a Fortune 500 company and one of the testing team members asked, “Does it matter whether or not software’s built securely? Can’t we just block attacks at the perimeter...

When it Comes to Your Data: Fear Less, Encrypt More

Why are people afraid to protect their information by encrypting their data? Why is encryption often the protection mechanism of last resort? Unfortunately, encryption is often perceived as complex, something akin to rocket science.

Sharpening Your Security Intelligence Ax with Big Data

If you are the typical enterprise, you potentially have tens of thousands of software vulnerabilities spread across thousands and thousands of machines in your network. The possibilities for using existing data to enhance your vulnerability...

9 Advantages to Mainframe for Cloud Computing

Years after the introduction of cloud computing, it is interesting that security continues to be the top inhibitor to broad scale cloud adoption: 70% consider security a cloud security inhibitor. And security leads the list of cloud inhibitors by...

Top 7 Cloud Security Questions to Ask

Cloud is seen as very important for business innovation while at the same time there is increasing executive awareness and scrutiny over how the Cloud will be secured. You can start thinking about Cloud security by asking seven questions.