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A Fresh Look at Healthcare Data Breach Numbers

Let's take a fresh look at the latest healthcare data breach numbers and the most up-to-date figures available. The healthcare industry is making progress in some areas, but is overall struggling to clot the wound bleeding patient data.

38 Million Reasons to use Cryptography for Business

The tools of encryption and key management can (and should) be applied at numerous layers of business to protect, isolate, and control data. The technology is well-know and standardized. It is predictable and manageable and in no-way should be...

Security is a mindset, not an exception

In an effort to get things done, we often kick healthy security hygiene to the curb in exchange for expediency and convenience. We convince ourselves that we'll make this one exception and over time, that becomes the default mode of operation.

4 Lessons Learned From a Security Breach

The infamous NSA security breach reminds us once again of the immense damage that can be caused by a single privileged user with an agenda. Privileged users, with their unlimited access to system and network resources, can access and leak all types...