Tag: Cloud Security

BYOD: Why You Better Not Ignore It

When it comes to BYOD, there are two types of organizations: Those that have programs in place to support it; and those that pretend it isn't happening in their environment. Regarding the latter, with employees bringing their own devices, the...

Discovering Threat-Aware Identity and Access Management

IBM Pulse Protect 2014 will introduce “the new face of IAM," IBM Security Identity and Access Management solutions redesigned to help deliver access services safely, efficiently and cost-effectively to internal and external users within security...

When it Comes to Your Data: Fear Less, Encrypt More

Why are people afraid to protect their information by encrypting their data? Why is encryption often the protection mechanism of last resort? Unfortunately, encryption is often perceived as complex, something akin to rocket science.

Four Steps to Data Security in the Cloud

Four basic steps to implementing data security in the Cloud. As technology enables new insights into business it becomes even more important to protect the data that is in the Cloud or in the IT infrastructure.