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Future of Endpoint Protection: 3 Must-Have Requirements

Today's rapidly evolving threat landscape requires advanced, intelligent endpoint protection to prevent APTs and zero-day attacks. Here are three must-have requirements that every organization needs in their endpoint security solution to protect...

Detection Is NOT the New Prevention

What does it take to stop today's extremely motivated and well-trained cyber attackers? Is prevention pretty much dead? Is rapid detection the new prevention? There has been a dangerous shift recently in the prevailing wisdom of the security...

What You Need to Know to Survive Windows XP’s End-of-Life

After almost 13 years of Windows XP, Microsoft announced that the still-popular operating system (OS) has reached its end-of-life (EOL). This means that Microsoft will no longer provide patches to new vulnerabilities found in Windows XP.

Taking on a Zero Day with Intelligence

The situation described here does not come from the ivory tower; instead it comes from the real world and shows how to rapidly and efficiently address a zero-day vulnerability. You are probably already overwhelmed with patching. Alternatively, you...

Can You Get Rid of Java?

Java suffers the most malware infections of any programming language and recent zero-day exploits now warrant removing it from business applications.