The Case for Managed Security Monitoring

August 18, 2016
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Given all the challenges facing security professionals, as well as ever-present compliance mandates, security monitoring is a must. It certainly starts with log aggregation and security information and event management (SIEM), although many organizations are looking to leverage advanced security analytics, either built into their SIEM or using third-party technology, for better and faster detection.

We have no illusions about the amount of effort required to get a security monitoring platform up and running, or what it takes to keep one current and useful, given the adaptability of attackers and automated attack tools in use today.

Stuck in Purgatory

Many organizations feel stuck in purgatory, reacting without sufficient visibility. They often lack the time needed to invest and the people needed to deploy solutions to gain that much-needed visibility into threats. This is often the initial trigger for managed security monitoring (MSM), which is explained in more detail in a new paper by Securosis, LLC, an independent research and analysis firm.

There are a variety of use cases that make a lot of sense for MSM. These include device monitoring and alerting, advanced detection and compliance reporting. In some situations, however, MSM doesn’t work out as well. Networks with highly sensitive intellectual property or without any kind of external access, for example, have little use for MSM.

Choosing a Security Monitoring Solution

Ultimately, the choice to investigate a managed service involves the reality that a service provider may be able to move faster and be more effective than internal resources. The service provider can leverage investments in tools and personnel across many customers; a typical enterprise cannot.

If this approach sounds like a fit for your organization, we invite you to listen to the webinar “When to Hire a Managed Security Service Provider for Security Analytics & Monitoring” to hear expert advice from Mike Rothman, President of Securosis.

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