IBM X-Force Red is a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware and software applications before cybercriminals do. X-Force Red, part of IBM Security Services, also examines human security vulnerabilities in daily processes and procedures that attackers often use to circumvent security controls.

X-Force Red Introduces The Red Portal

Today, IBM X-Force Red is announcing The Red Portal, a cloud-based collaboration platform for clients and security professionals that presents an end-to-end view of security testing programs. Clients can view real-time testing project milestones, vulnerabilities across all assets, reports of findings and the overall status of their managed testing program.

The industry expertise of X-Force Red is central to successfully building and maintaining a top-notch security testing program, and the collaborative nature of The Red Portal makes it easier than ever for clients to be involved in the testing process.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard page provides a real-time view of the client’s overall security testing program. They can see how many tests have been conducted and the total number of findings that have been identified, including the number of critical and high-risk items.

Clients can also view how many tests are in each phase of the testing process and whether any are awaiting additional client input. Up-to-date test statuses are a simple login away, allowing clients to embed themselves in the testing process as little or as much as they want.

Scheduling a Test

The Red Portal centralizes and streamlines all communications with X-Force Red and eliminates the need to pass sensitive target information through insecure methods. All test requests are made via one simple, secure form, and required target information is also collected here. All target and finding information is encrypted. Clients can also define their desired testing start date with the built-in scheduling capability.

Reviewing Findings and the Final Report

Once the security test has begun, clients can view findings as the tester makes them available — meaning remediation can begin immediately on the most critical items. After the test is complete, an interactive final report is available from the dashboard. The final report contains all findings, including details about the vulnerabilities, evidence of exploitation and detailed guidance for remediation and prioritization.

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