We’ve reached the point that most enterprises have moved past “If we deploy a Cloud,” to “When we deploy a Cloud.” Often the next statement is, “We’re going to start small, try it out and see how it goes, before we expand to broader deployment, more users and applications.” What’s the challenge? Usually it is a concern over security, and that may be coming all the way from the Boardroom.

Cloud is seen as very important for business innovation while at the same time there is increasing executive awareness and scrutiny over how the Cloud will be secured. You can start thinking about Cloud security by asking seven questions:

  1. How can we manage the registration and control the access of thousands or even millions of users of our Cloud in a cost-effective way?
  2. Can we ensure the safety and privacy of critical enterprise data in Cloud environments without disrupting operations?
  3. How can we make sure that Web applications are secure and are not vectors for attacks?
  4. How do we manage patch requirements for thousands of virtualized systems?
  5. Can we provide protection against network threats and vulnerabilities in the Cloud?
  6. How do protect virtual machines?
  7. Can we achieve visibility and transparency in Cloud environments to find advanced threats and meet regulatory and compliance requirements?

With all of these questions, it is no wonder that organizations are reluctant to embark on a Cloud journey.

From our work with thousands of customers over the years, we believe that with integrated solutions that cover the security domains of People, Data, Applications, Infrastructure, supported by Threat Information and Security Intelligence, organizations can safely reap the benefits afforded by Cloud innovation.

Check out future blogs as we answer each of these questions in turn. You can also learn more about IBM’s approach to Cloud security in this Solution Brief: Safeguarding the Cloud with IBM Security Solutions.


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