UT Dallas and IBM Tackle Cyber Security Skills Shortage

The University of Texas at Dallas has identified the development of research and education programs to “make the nation secure” as one of its six strategic goals. In conjunction with the University’s initiative, the Computer Science Department at the University made significant investment in developing the research and education infrastructures for cyber security and information assurance. These include establishing multiple faculty lines as well as initiating efforts to become the NSA/DHS Centers of Excellence in both Information Assurance Education as well as Research. Over the past nine years we have established strong research and education programs in cyber security. Therefore we are most honored and pleased that IBM has recognized our work in awarding us with the 2013 IBM Faculty Award for Cyber Security.

IBM Cyber Security Skills Infographic

IBM Cyber Security Skills Infographic

With this IBM award, we will prepare courses in critical cyber security topics such as secure cloud computing and cyber operations. What will be unique about these courses is that we will develop them jointly with IBM. This way we will have access to the vast number of cyber security tools and technologies developed by IBM and our courses will contain not only sound theoretical results but they will also have a strong practical bent. Furthermore, our courses will include both a combination of lectures and laboratory exercises where our students will experiment with the various tools and develop innovative solutions as part of the curriculum. Such an approach will better prepare our students to face the cyber security challenges and develop insightful and practical solutions based on solid foundations.

We thank IBM for giving us this highly prestigious award and look forward to our collaboration.


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Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham

Distinguished Professor at The University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham is the Louis A. Beecherl, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and the Executive Director of the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI) at The University of Texas at Dallas. She is an elected Fellow of IEEE, the AAAS, the British Computer Society, and the SPDS (Society for Design and Process Science). She received several prestigious award including IEEE Computer Society's 1997 Technical Achievement Award for “outstanding and innovative contributions to secure data management”, the 2010 ACM SIGSAC (Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control) Outstanding Contributions Award for “seminal research contributions and leadership in data and applications security for over 25 years” and the SDPS Transformative Achievement Medal for her contributions to interdisciplinary research. She has unique experience working in commercial industry, research laboratory, US government and academia and her 30+ year career includes research and development, technology transfer, product development, program management, and consulting for the federal government. Her work has resulted in 100+ journal articles, 200+ conference papers, 100+ keynote and invited talks, six US patents (two pending) and twelve books.