In Elvis Presley’s classic song, “Viva Las Vegas,” he sings the following lyrics: “How I wish that there were more than 24 hours in the day / Even if there were 40 more, I wouldn’t sleep a minute away.”

Perhaps those lyrics describe previous visits you’ve made to Vegas. But do they also describe your experience of trying to keep your application security testing program a step ahead of today’s security vulnerabilities? If so, we have a surefire cure for that security hangover for those who participate in the Application Security track at IBM InterConnect 2017.

Learn How You Can Benefit From IBM’s Cognitive Application Security Testing Capabilities

Come visit us at the IBM Security booth, where we’ll be showcasing the new cognitive Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) capabilities of IBM Application Security on Cloud.

In addition, please add the following sessions to your InterConnect agenda builder so you can learn more about our cognitive computing solutions in person:

  • Session No. 1588: “How Cognitive Computing Is Changing Your Application Security World”
  • Session No. 2522: “Automating Security Testing of Cloud Applications”
  • Session No. 6746: “Give Your Application Security Testing Program ‘Super Powers’ Through Increased Automation”

To view abstracts for each of these sessions above and learn more about their speakers, simply enter the session numbers into the agenda builder. With the tool, you can request that a session summary be emailed to you and your colleagues.

Jump-Start Your DevOps Security Program

We’re also offering several opportunities to learn how you can more effectively manage application security testing within your current DevOps environment:

  • Session No. 4359: “DevOps Security: Providing Continuous Security Practices to the Masses”
  • Session No. 2248: “Empowering Application Security Protection in the World of DevOps”
  • Panel Discussion No. 4368: “Building Security In: 5 Facets of Secure DevOps”

Maximize Your Application Security Risk Management Program

Finally, you can learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your application security risk management program by attending the following live sessions:

  • Panel Discussion No. 2044: “The Honeymoon Is Over: Understanding Risk-Based Security Program Management”
  • Session No. 4632: “Do It Right From the Start: Implementing Enterprisewide Application Security at Westfield Insurance”
  • Session No. 6131: “Global Security Remediation – 10 Key Considerations for Successful Outcomes”
  • Session No. 1282: “Automating Multiple Scanning Servers for Multiple Application Groups: Insight from TSYS”

Don’t Miss Zac Brown Band’s Performance at InterConnect 2017

There’s less than a month before the conference begins, so please register now. You should also make plans to attend the performance we’re hosting by the Zac Brown Band at IBM Rocks! The Grammy award-winning band has released many popular hits, including “Toes,” “Highway 20 Ride” and “Colder Weather,” so don’t miss out!

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