Watson for Cyber Security: Shining a Light on Unstructured Data

August 4, 2016
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80% of the world’s data has been invisible to traditional systems. Until now.

The best security professionals build their body of knowledge every day through experience, talking with colleagues, attending conferences and staying up to date with online sources like blogs, research papers, and publications. But people can only consume and make sense of a fraction of this data and much of it is unstructured – created by humans, for humans – making it inaccessible to traditional systems. As a result, most data remains untapped and dark to an organization’s defenses.

Watson for Cyber Security

Watson for Cyber Security shines a light on the data that has previously been hidden from organizational defenses — uncovering new insights, patterns and security context never before seen. Think about the 75,000+ documented software vulnerabilities, 10,000+ security research papers published each year and 60,000+ security blogs published each month. What’s possible now is the ability to quickly interpret this data — created by humans, for humans — and integrate it with structured data from countless sources and locations.


The result: Watson will arm security analysts with the collective knowledge to respond to threats with greater confidence, at speed and scale.

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