2015 was peppered with mega-breaches of highly sensitive data like personal health information and private bedroom behaviors, reinforcing the fact that companies of all sizes must pay attention to security basics in order to stop the infiltration of attackers and protect their data.

  • Cybercriminals’ targets are now bigger and their rewards greater as they fine-tune efforts to obtain and leverage higher value data than years’ past.
  • New attack techniques like mobile overlay malware are gaining, while “classic” attacks like DDoS and POS malware continue to be effective due to lackluster practice in security fundamentals.
  • Malware leaps across target countries are indicative of increasing sophistication and organization in cybercrime rings.

In the 2016 edition of the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report, IBM security research experts examine the macro trends that affected the industry, what to expect in 2016, and recommendations on how you can protect your digital assets.

Download the complete 2016 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report

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