@helpnetsecurity @SmarterPlanet great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
RT @SmarterPlanet: Apple Pay Security: Experts Weigh Pros and Cons http://t.co/1a8ysLStPi http://t.co/wLqkWBhjcF
#PayPal has been working to cast doubt on security level of #ApplePay. Experts weigh in on security of new feature. http://t.co/wSLiApdHxm
Flunking Out: New #Mobile App Study Says Most Can’t Pass Basic Security Tests - http://t.co/KRsIXz7XoH #infosec #apps http://t.co/9oUwXYDzzZ
RT @mvzadel: Great perspective on IBM's business and some mentions of #ibmsecurity's role in it @GinniRometty! http://t.co/Xf7BoqlxzZ

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