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Level Up Your Mobile Application Security Program Featuring Forrester Research

Mobile device and operating system security have become commoditized. As enterprise users increasingly rely on mobile devices to access privileged organizational data, the real risks will shift to the application security layer. Simply looking at device security is no longer sufficient.

To understand and mitigate mobile application risks, you must begin by objectively analyzing the current state of your mobile application security program. To do this, you must understand the three layers of the mobile application security model and determine where your organization currently resides.

Join our guest Forrester Research analyst, Tyler Shields and IBM’s Executive Security Advisor, Diana Kelley for this interactive webinar where you will learn:

  • Why a “mobile device only” security approach is no longer sufficient;
  • How to develop a plan to address application-level security threats;
  • Key tactics to assess risk tolerance, for each segment of your user base
  • How to apply the appropriate technologies and procedures to enhance mobile application security and track your organization’s progress.
View on-demand webinar

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