Advanced Threat Protection Truths

4 Undeniable Truths about Advanced Threat Protection


Are you prepared for the next attack targeting your organization? Multi-faceted, persistent threats continue to increase and evolve, evading traditional stand-alone security technologies and forcing a critical need for an integrated, multi-dimensional approach. Today’s targeted attacks require the ability to disrupt the attack lifecycle in order to prevent further compromise. Join IBM Security expert, Kevin Skapinetz, as we discuss new strategies to address these sophisticated threats, and introduce IBM Threat Protection System, which incorporates the ability to continuously prevent, detect and respond to these types of attacks.

Register for this webinar to understand:

  • The latest trends and data on advanced threats from IBM’s X-Force Security Research team
  • Prevention techniques that focus on stopping unknown threats and disrupting the attack lifecycle
  • How to utilize advanced security intelligence to detect “slow and low” attacks
  • How to quickly respond and conduct forensics in the event of a security incident

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