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Using Massively Distributed Malware in APT-Style Attacks

APTs are often associated with highly-customized malware, specifically tailored for the target of the attack. But in 2014, several APT-style attacks involved the use of massively distributed malware to gain access to enterprise systems and corporate data.

The use of massively distributed malware provides significant advantages to the attackers who no longer need to spear phish targets or design custom malware. Instead, they use mass-distribution techniques to infect as many PCs as possible. According to IBM Trusteer research, 1:500 PCs in the world is already infected with Citadel, Zeus, or similar malware. Once a machine is infected with the malware, a new instruction set can be provided to turn the malware against different targets, or work with different command and controls (C&C) servers.

In this webinar, Dana Tamir, Director of Enterprise Security Product Marketing, examines the use of massively distributed malware in recent APT-style attacks and discusses the impact of this emerging trend on enterprise IT security paradigms.

You will learn about:

  • Which types of malware used in these attacks
  • How evasion techniques are used to bypass detection solutions
  • What kind of information is most targeted
  • How Trusteer Apex addresses these threats with a new approach to endpoint security
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