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INFOGRAPHIC: Top Reasons Why Data Security Still Faces Major Challenges

The latest research from IBM X-Force reveals how operationally sophisticated attacks are compromising central strategic targets and maximizing the length and severity of the breach, resulting in the leak of over half a billion records of personally identifiable information (PII) in 2013.

In February, IBM X-Force released the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly report which explores the latest security trends based on 2013 data and ongoing research. This marks the first issue of a new compact and focused format, which now includes data collected from the researchers at Trusteer, an IBM company since September, 2013.

Understand more about the latest IT security threats.

This report is an analysis of the security landscape, designed to help organizations better understand the latest security risks. Download this comprehensive report and learn how:

  • Security incidents have been steadily rising in 2013.
  • Cyber-criminals use malicious code to infiltrate companies.
  • Public vulnerabilities grow but key reporting areas decline.


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