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The InfoSecond, Week of Feb. 22: Hollywood Hospital Ransomware, Netflix Scam and More!

Just in time for next week’s Academy Awards, we’re going to Hollywood in this edition of the InfoSecond. Unfortunately, the reasons for our trip to Tinseltown aren’t exactly glamorous.

This week, we’re exploring a ransomware infection in a Hollywood hospital, diving into the Dark Web for a peek at a new scam targeting Netflix users, examining the likelihood of an impending and transformative mobile malware attack in 2016 and, last but not least, highlighting new research around the top security threats for financial institutions.

In Case You Missed It

Hollywood Hospital Ransomware: A brazen ransomware attack has struck a major Hollywood hospital, with cybercriminals demanding $3.6 million in exchange for the safe return of the institution’s now-locked medical records and data.

Netflix Users Scammed: Attention Netflix users! Have you noticed odd activity in your “Recently Watched” queue? There’s a possibility your account may have been compromised after a recent malware and phishing campaign targeting users has led to an influx of credentials for sale on the Dark Web for the low price of just 25 cents.

Mobile Malware’s Transformative Attack on the Horizon?: Sometimes a single attack can transform the security landscape. The PC industry had the ILOVEYOU virus in 2000, which infected millions of computers and caused over $10 billion in damage. Is 2016 the year of the transformative mobile malware attack?

The Financial Industry’s Top Threats: 2015 saw more than 20 million financial records breached, with costs for financial institutions rising to an average of $215 per stolen record. With attacks expected to escalate in 2016, financial institutions must be aware of the attack vectors they’re vulnerable to before it’s too late.

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