The InfoSecond, Week of Feb. 29: How Much Cybercriminals Make, Lockdroid and More!

Whether you’re a student, an Android user or even a florist, this week’s InfoSecond shows that anyone can be a target for cybercrime.

In this edition, we uncover how much money cybercriminals make, identify the reasons that colleges and universities are prime targets for data breaches, reveal why florists got unexpected — and unwanted — deliveries this Valentine’s Day and tell you why Android users can breathe a huge sigh of relief!

In Case You Missed It

Cybercrime Doesn’t Pay: Have you ever wondered just how much money cybercriminals make from their nefarious practice? According to a new survey of more than 300 threat experts, it’s actually less than what you might expect — with reported yearly earnings of around 25 percent of the yearly wages of IT security practitioners.

Another College Hacked: Universities house troves of personally identifiable information (PII) on students and faculty alike, and that’s precisely why cybercriminals are increasingly targeting them. Will the recently revealed data breach at the University of Virginia be a wake-up call for other colleges and universities across the world to increase their security? Or will more students and faculty find themselves at risk because of insufficient cybersecurity?

Unwanted Cyber Deliveries on Valentine’s Day: It wasn’t all love this Valentine’s Day as florists across the country saw an increase in DDoS attacks designed to extort money from them. While cybercriminals often target businesses around major events and holidays, an attack could happen anytime, and businesses must be prepared with the right security solutions year-round.

Lockdroid Android Foiled: When the Lockdroid Android ransomware was first discovered, it was predicted that it could affect nearly 67 percent of Android’s 1.4 billion users. Fortunately, it looks as though the malicious attack has been foiled by Google’s Verify Apps.

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