The InfoSecond, Week of Jan. 18: Hot Hacking Targets, Rovnix and More!

Aaaaaaand we’re back, folks!

Now that everyone’s had time to settle back into the swing of things and start off the year, we’ve got a brand new edition of the InfoSecond just for you.

In this week’s entry, we’re examining hot hacking targets in 2016, exploring a new malware threat targeting the financial sector, delving into how to introduce secure, encrypted mobile messaging in the enterprise, uncovering the surprising world of cybercrime customer support and looking into how one car manufacturer is seeking help from hackers.

In Case You Missed It

Rovnix Malware Hits Japan: An aggressive new malware campaign is targeting 14 Japanese banks in the form of the Rovnix Trojan. Coupled with the Tsukuba and Shifu threats from last year, it’s abundantly clear that Japan’s financial sector is under an attack that’s only expected to intensify.

Car Manufacturer Seeking Hackers: Last summer, two security experts drew the ire and scorn of car manufacturers after they demonstrated how they could successfully hack a Jeep. Now, one car manufacturer is reaching out to friendly hackers for help in identifying and fixing connected vehicle security bugs.

Turning on Smart TV Threats: Smart TVs weren’t just hot items for adoring shoppers this past holiday season; they’re also drawing significant interest from hackers thanks to an old Android vulnerability. As more devices and products end up as part of the Internet of Things, is this a preview of what our future, connected world may hold?

Runaway Train, Never Coming Back: Outdated and poorly secured SCADA systems are responsible for vulnerabilities in trains, according to new research. These vulnerabilities leave open the possibility for malicious actors to enact dark deeds such as controlling train routes and schedules.

Securing Enterprise Mobile Messaging: With over 1.5 trillion (yes, trillion) text and instant messages sent monthly, it’s important for organizations to provide employees with secure, encrypted communication platforms for collaboration and productivity benefits. One of the best ways to lay the foundation for this is by using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

Cybercrime’s Customer Support: The barriers to entering a life of cybercrime have been falling thanks to the availability of user-friendly viruses, exploit kits and more on the Dark Web. Now, an interesting result has arisen: increased customer support by cybercriminals to attract customers.

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