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Anshul Garg

Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

Anshul Garg is the Global Portfolio Marketing Manager for IBM Security. He focuses on Consulting and Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings. Prior to joining IBM, he worked in Presales, helping organizations plan and implement IT solutions. His area of expertise was networking and security. Anshul has a Master of Business Administration degree from Symbiosis International University, India and a Computer Science engineering degree from UPTU, India. He is passionate about Information Security and wants to help organizations stay a step ahead of the adversaries, particularly in the era of Cloud, Mobile and Social.

Written By Anshul Garg

X-Force Red in Action: Spotlight on IoT Security and Thomas MacKenzie

In this inaugural episode of the X-Force Red in Action podcast, Thomas MacKenzie discusses the unique challenges of IoT security and how X-Force Red, IBM Security's autonomous team of expert penetration testers, can help.

IBM and Check Point: Breaking New Ground in Collaborative Defense

IBM and Check Point are pairing up to provide increased security protections, which include automating endpoint detection and communication.

Frost & Sullivan Names IBM Security in Asia-Pacific Vendor of the Year in Multiple Categories

IBM Security in Asia-Pacific was recently named Vendor of the Year in multiple categories by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.

Can You Guess the Cost of a Data Breach in the Asia-Pacific?

The rapid expansion of the Asia-Pacific economy is presenting new cybersecurity challenges and driving up the cost of a data breach in the region.

It’s Time for Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific to Enter the Era of Cognitive, Cloud and Collaboration

IBM will host an e-summit on cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific to foster collaboration and help IT teams embrace emerging technologies.

Life’s a Breach: Dissecting a Year of Devastating Data Breaches

The volume and sophistication of data breaches grew dramatically in 2016 as cybercriminals began targeting unstructured data for the first time.

Leapfrog the Skills Shortage and Security Intelligence Challenge With Cognitive Security

Cognitive security solutions dig through structured and unstructured data to deliver deep insights and patterns and empower CISOs to make better decisions.

Best Practices for Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider for Organizations in Asia-Pacific

As IT managers in Asia-Pacific continue to struggle with a skills gap, it's more critical than ever to choose the right managed security services provider.

Risk Management: Time for Introspection for Asia-Pacific Security Leaders

As per capita income rises in Asia-Pacific, so does the volume of cyberattacks. Security leaders must answer tough questions about risk management.

In Today’s Era of Data Breaches, Are You Sure Your Data Is Protected?

Protecting your organization from a data breach means you must have the right people, processes and technology all working together.