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Assaf Regev

Assaf Regev serves as the product marketing manager for the web fraud portfolio of Trusteer, an IBM Company, part of IBM’s Security Systems division. Assaf holds a BS.c in Electronic Engineering and has over 10 years of experience across various industries including technology and physical security. Prior to joining IBM, Assaf worked at SafeNet and Tyco security in various marketing and product roles.

Written By Assaf Regev

Adaptive Security: The Safety Net in the Flying Trapeze Act

IT leaders should use adaptive security solutions as a safety net to protect user, customer and corporate data from fraudsters.

PSD2: Ready, Steady, Go

The revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) is designed to open the online banking and e-commerce markets to new forms of regulated payments.

New FFIEC Mobile Financial Services Guidelines Services Put a Stake in the Ground

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council put a stake in the ground with recent guidance on risks associated with mobile financial services.

Don’t Be a Deer in the Headlights: Now Is the Time to Combat Mobile-Related Fraud

The proliferation of mobile technology opens the door to mobile-related fraud — leaving end users and organizations frozen like deer in headlights.

Embracing Intelligence-Driven Fraud Protection and Life Cycle Management

The IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite offers a simplified approach to fraud prevention so organizations can remain secure at low cost.

Five Security Measures for Mobile Banking Transactions

Mobile banking transactions are an attractive target for cybercriminals, and there are areas where users and developers should look for better security.

How Safe Is Your OS and Web Browser Combination Against the Most Prevalent Malware Strains?

A new IBM infographic reveals the most prevalent malware strains, their specific tactics and their effect on popular operating systems and Web browsers.

Securing Mobile Banking Apps: You Are Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

The consequences of cybercrime are well understood. What is not so well understood is how to prevent these attacks, especially in mobile banking apps.

Tinba Malware Reloaded and Attacking Banks Around the World

IBM Security Trusteer researchers recently discovered a new Tinba variant exhibiting new, exciting features and making waves in an active malware campaign.

PC-Grade Malware Going Mobile

The discovery of the mobile Trojan SVPENG targeting Russian banks has signaled a significant advancement in the sophistication of mobile malware.

Co-Written By Assaf Regev

Innovative New Solutions for Securing the Internet of Things

The grave state of security in the Internet of Things is rarely addressed by the industry, but IBM Security has been developing innovative solutions.