Written By David Bisson

Malicious Email Payloads Increased in Volume and Diversity in Q2 2018

A quarterly threat report revealed that malicious email attacks increased by 36 percent and delivered more diverse payloads in Q2 2018.

Modular Remote Access Trojan Uses Sophisticated Techniques to Evade Detection

According to security researchers, a new modular remote access Trojan (RAT) is using several sophisticated techniques to fly under the radar of traditional detection solutions.

Fileless Malware CactusTorch Executes Harmful .NET Assemblies From Memory

Security researchers observed CactusTorch, a fileless malware, using a .NET executable to run harmful .NET assemblies from memory.

Bitcoin Stealer Malware Takes $60K Using Clipboard Modification Method

Cybercriminals used malware to steal approximately $60,000 in bitcoin using a technique that modifies an infected machine's clipboard content.

Fake Android Banking Apps Leak Credit Card Details Online

In July 2018, Researches reported three fake Android banking apps that phished for users' credit card details and leaked them online by transferring them to an exposed server.

Unknown Actor Leaks Android Malware Exobot Source Code

An unknown threat actor leaked the source code for the Android malware Exobot, leading to fears of an impending attack similar to the massive DDoS incident that hit domain name provider Dyn in 2016.

Tick Group Malware Campaign Highlights Need for Stronger Supply Chain Security

Researchers speculated that poor supply chain security could be to blame for a new malware campaign that targets insecure USB drives to infect Windows machines.

Dark Web ‘RDP Shops’ Offer Access to Vulnerable Systems for as Little as $3

According to July 2018 research, cybercriminals are offering remote desktop protocol (RDP) access to compromised networks at major airports, healthcare institutions and more for under $20.

Recent Attack Suggests Ransomware Is Alive and Well in Healthcare

A recent ransomware attack against a Missouri hospital showed that healthcare organizations are still under threat despite an overall decline in campaigns across industries.

Why Consumers Demand Greater Transparency Around Data Privacy

Recent research has shown that while consumers are demanding more transparency around information handling, few companies are doing enough to communicate with their customers about data privacy.