Written By David Bisson

Threat Actors Impersonate Oil and Gas Companies in Latest Shade Ransomware Attack

Digital criminals tried to impersonate oil and gas companies in a recent attack campaign distributing Shade ransomware.

WinPot Malware Uses Slot Machine-Like Interface to Empty ATMs

A new threat known as WinPot malware is using a slot machine-like interface to empty ATMs at targeted financial institutions.

Malicious Windows EXE Files Infect macOS Users With Infostealers and Adware

Security researchers discovered several Microsoft Windows EXE files using malicious payloads to infect macOS users with infostealers and adware.

Report: Banking Trojans Accounted for More Than Half of All Malicious Payloads in Q4 2018

A new report found that banking Trojans accounted for more than half of all malicious payloads observed in the fourth quarter of 2018.

New Linux Crypto-Mining Malware Kills Other Malicious Miners Upon Installation

Security analysts identified a sample of Linux crypto-mining malware that kills any other malicious miners upon installation.

Clipper Malware Found Masquerading as Legitimate Service on Google Play Store

Security researchers discovered a sample of clipper malware that targeted Android users by lurking in the Google Play store.

Geodo Botnets Using New Spam Campaign to Deliver Qakbot Malware

Researchers discovered Geodo botnets using a new spam campaign to deliver samples of Qakbot malware.

Attack Campaign Targets Linux Servers to Install New SpeakUp Trojan

Security researchers observed an attack campaign that is targeting Linux servers to install samples of the new SpeakUp Trojan.

Razy Trojan Installs Malicious Browser Extensions to Steal Cryptocurrency

Security researchers observed the Razy Trojan installing malicious extensions across multiple web browsers to steal cryptocurrency.

Phishing Kit Uses Custom Web Font to Impersonate Major US Bank

A new phishing kit uses a custom web font to implement a substitution cipher in its campaign to target customers of a major U.S. bank.