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David Jarvis

Security and CIO Lead for the IBM Institute for Business Value

David Jarvis is the Security and CIO Lead for the IBM Institute for Business Value. He is responsible for developing and executing an agenda that explores emerging business and technology topics for those areas. He is a passionate expert in the development and management of market insights, thought leadership and strategic foresight projects, and has held multiple positions at IBM in those areas. He is the author of numerous cybersecurity thought leadership reports, including the 2012–2014 IBM CISO Assessments. In addition to his research responsibilities, David teaches on business foresight and creative problem solving.

Written By David Jarvis

Quantum Leaps and Bounds: Why Quantum Computing Will Have a Positive Impact on Cybersecurity

Despite the risks quantum computing might pose to organizations, this emerging technology also promises to enhance cybersecurity capabilities such as SIEM, incident response and data protection.

Achieving GDPR Compliance: The Spark That Will Light a Fire of Change

A recent survey conducted by IBM Security and the IBM Institute for Business Value found that many organizations around the world are embracing GDPR compliance as an opportunity for innovation.

Changing How We Educate and Hire With a New Collar Approach

Who said you need a degree to work in IT? A new collar approach to recruiting can help organizations close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Connecting to the Future With Cognitive Security

IT teams are beginning to adopt cognitive security solutions to enable their analysts to make connections and drive innovation in the cybersecurity space.

Getting Primed to Adopt Cognitive Security Solutions

IT professionals are beginning to adopt cognitive security solutions to help them speed up response times and identify threats more effectively.

From Checkboxes to Frameworks: CISOs as Risk Leaders

Every business will someday be a digital business. Security leaders need to provide the confidence to embark on the journey while reducing risk.

Take Notes: How the Academic World Can Inform Security

Experts from the academic world provided information that could contribute to business solutions as part of a study by the IBM Center for Applied Insights.

Security Greetings: Gifts From the 2014 IBM CISO Assessment

Just in time for the holidays, IBM has released its annual CISO Assessment, which details current issues facing executive leaders and how to combat them.

Co-Written By David Jarvis