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David Monahan

Managing Research Director for Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates

Prior to becoming an analyst, David was an information security executive for over 20 years. He used his diverse audit and compliance, and risk and privacy experience to provide strategic and tactical leadership to develop, architect, and deploy assurance controls for Fortune 100 companies, local government and small public and private companies. Aside from his full-time practice in the security field, David has been an adjunct faculty member for Capitol Technical University in Laurel, Maryland since 2007, providing security instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. David has presented briefings to numerous forums including SANSFire, Forrester, SecureWorld and the Colorado Digital Government Conference. He has contributed content to State Tech Magazine and CSO magazine.

Written By David Monahan

Guarding the Crown Jewels: The Importance of Intellectual Property Security in the Age of Sprawl

Intellectual property security is crucial to any company's bottom line. IT teams must locate this data, asses its risk and adjust policies accordingly.

See No Data, Hear No Data, Speak No Data: Overcoming the Challenges of Risk-Focused Data Management

A risk-focused data management program can help companies identify and protect their prized assets from attackers aiming to steal, publish or destroy them.

Location! Location! Location! Managing and Protecting Critical Data in the Age of Sprawl

The digital age has created data sprawl, which complicates how organizations locate, classify and secure their critical data.