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Fran Howarth

Senior Analyst, Bloor Research

Fran Howarth is an industry analyst and writer specialising in security. She has worked within the security technology sector for more than 25 years in an advisory capacity as an analyst, consultant and writer. Fran focuses on the business needs for security technologies, with a focus on emerging technology sectors. Current areas of focus include cloud security, data security, identity and access management, network and endpoint security, security intelligence and analytics, and security governance and regulations.

Written By Fran Howarth

POS Malware and Loyalty Card Fraud Growing in Popularity

As shoppers head to stores during the holiday season, enterprises need to ensure they are protected from POS malware and loyalty card fraud.

What Are the Risks of Legacy Infrastructure?

Using legacy infrastructure does more than drive up the costs of maintenance; it also hinders innovation and increases risks related to security.

Your Evolving Digital Life: The Need for More Secure Authentication

Biometrics and more secure types of authentication may be the next stage of digital security, designed to keep up with rapidly advancing technologies.

Top Five Tips for Creating a Culture of Security Awareness at Work

Security expert Mike Saurbaugh detailed five of his top tips for implementing an effective and sustainable security awareness program in an organization.

Should Enterprises Look to Universities When It Comes to Information Protection?

Organizations can learn a lot from academic universities with regard to information protection, cybersecurity and information sharing.

Protecting Student Information: A CISO’s Point of View

David Sherry, the CISO at Brown University, describes the steps taken to secure student information without inhibiting information sharing.

Epic Hacks and High Jinks at Black Hat

The high jinks and hacking demonstrations that go on during the Black Hat USA conference are the stuff of legend. Catch up on the most prolific examples.

Is Black Hat Coming of Age?

This year's iteration of the annual Black Hat USA conference is poised to be one of the best yet, with a slate of presentations and tools worth seeing.

The Damage of a Security Breach: Financial Institutions Face Monetary, Reputational Losses

The financial services sector is facing a barrage of attacks, with many institutions having been subjected to damaging security breaches recently.

Momentum Picks Up for Biometric Security in the Financial Sector

Biometric security is growing in the financial services industry due to increased accuracy and growing consumer acceptance for the technology.