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Fran Howarth

Senior Analyst, Bloor Research

Fran Howarth is an industry analyst and writer specialising in security. She has worked within the security technology sector for more than 25 years in an advisory capacity as an analyst, consultant and writer. Fran focuses on the business needs for security technologies, with a focus on emerging technology sectors. Current areas of focus include cloud security, data security, identity and access management, network and endpoint security, security intelligence and analytics, and security governance and regulations.

Written By Fran Howarth

US State Department Hack Has Major Security Implications

The U.S. State Department is the latest government agency to be targeted by cybercriminals, with a phishing email leading to a breach of the network.

US Government to Establish Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center

The U.S. government has established the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center to inform policymakers and government agencies of cyberthreats.

Healing the Wounds Caused by Health Care Fraud and Health Insurance Fraud

The health care and insurance sectors are under pressure to safeguard their operations in the light of rising health insurance fraud threats.

Guide to 2015 Conferences and Events for Security Professionals

Check out the many 2015 conferences that will be held around the world this year for security professionals looking to learn more about the industry.

Top Five Must-Attend Security Conferences in 2015

From IBM InterConnect to Black Hat USA, there are many security conferences going on this year that will help professionals network and boost their skills.

A Look Back at 2014 Trends and What 2015 Will Bring

Major breaches were some of the top 2014 trends in the security industry, with attackers using ever-stealthier techniques to get past victims' defenses.

Improving Your Security Strategy Through Collaboration

Collaboration brings many benefits for organizations, allowing for knowledge and resources to be shared to create a solid security strategy.

Top Four Actions for Security Leaders to Take in 2015

The perils facing an organization continue to grow in volume, complexity and sophistication, which makes the role of security leaders even more vital.

High-Priority Security Principles: Focus on Employees

An organization's employees need to be taught proper security principles in order to play their role in keeping the enterprise safe from threats.

Online Banking Best Practices for Consumers

As mobile and online banking grows in popularity, consumers are encouraged to take advantage of best practices and specialized software to stay secure.