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Kacy Zurkus

Zurkus is an influential writer covering a range of security topics with a focus on mitigating risks to businesses. Her work has been published in a variety of industry publications, most notably in CSO Online, where she also penned her own blog, Security Newb. She currently writes about cybersecurity for Medium and has contributed to CyberDB, Cybersecurity Ventures, K12 Tech Decisions, CIO Magazine, and The Parallax. In addition, she is a ghost writer and author of a memoir.

Written By Kacy Zurkus

What Is the Dark Web and Why Would Businesses Use It?

What is the Dark Web, besides an underground haven for cybercriminals to exchange ideas and illicit data anonymously? It can also be a valuable tool for security teams looking to share threat data.

Clearing the Hurdles: Why Companies Have Not Implemented Basic Best Practices for Mobile Security

Recent research has shown that companies are sacrificing mobile security for expediency and business performance.

A W-2 Nor’easter: Digging SOC Analysts Out From Under Tax Fraud False Positives

SOC analysts face blizzardlike conditions during tax season as false positives pile up and legitimate tax fraud alerts are liable to fly under the radar.

Enterprise Security Lessons From the Crypto-Mining Craze

Recent research has failed to pin down exactly how the current crypto-mining craze is trending, but companies can derive many key enterprise security lessons from the latest headline-grabbing threat.