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Kacy Zurkus

Zurkus is an influential writer covering a range of security topics with a focus on mitigating risks to businesses. Her work has been published in a variety of industry publications, most notably in CSO Online, where she also penned her own blog, Security Newb. She currently writes about cybersecurity for Medium and has contributed to CyberDB, Cybersecurity Ventures, K12 Tech Decisions, CIO Magazine, and The Parallax. In addition, she is a ghost writer and author of a memoir.

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To Improve Critical Infrastructure Security, Bring IT and OT Together

Strong collaboration between IT and OT is a critical step in improving the security of critical infrastructure systems.

What Does Healthcare Cybersecurity Look Like in a Future of Connected Medical Devices?

What can health care companies do to mitigate the risks inherent in the future of health care cybersecurity?

3 Urgent Areas of Action to Address National Cybersecurity Risks

The U.S. is not where it needs to be in terms of managing cybersecurity risks as a national effort, according to the Aspen Cybersecurity Group.

Is It Time for Enterprises to Bid Farewell to BYOD?

As BYOD practices blur the boundary of the enterprise perimeter, how can security leaders ensure corporate data is safe?

From Naughty to NICE: Best Practices for K–12 Cybersecurity Education

The National Institute for Cybersecurity Education is leading the charge in K–12 security awareness training.

How Can Government Security Teams Overcome Obstacles in IT Automation Deployment?

IT automation is the future of security programs, but it's not simply plug-and-play. SOC leaders must implement this technology thoughtfully to unlock the full range of benefits.

‘Tis the Season for Spreading Ad Malware

Ad malware ramps up with the surge in online shopping activity during the holiday season. Taking a few precautionary steps can help consumers and security teams protect their devices and networks.

How Can Industry Leaders and Academia Help Improve Cybersecurity Education?

It's up to security and educational leaders alike to improve and expand opportunities for cybersecurity education.

3 Creative Strategies to Narrow the Skills Gap

The cybersecurity skills gap will continue to grow until executive leadership takes more creative steps to narrow it.

Why You Need Advanced Authentication to Protect Identities Without Compromising User Experience

Advanced authentication solutions can help mitigate the risk of fraud by detecting malicious activity without adding unwanted speed bumps to the online user experience.