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Kami Haynes

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Security Solutions

Kami has over 20 years in technology marketing and advertising including security experience with Sun Microsystems and IBM. Particular areas of focus include cloud security, compliance and identity and access management.

Written By Kami Haynes

The Success of Your Business Depends on Digital Trust. Here Is How to Measure It

As consumers become more aware of their data privacy, organizations across sectors are under increasing pressure to deliver frinctionless digital trust.

Your Security Strategy Is Only as Strong as Your Cyber Hygiene

Without full network visibility and regular utilization of cyber hygiene best practices, your enterprise could face very real, but entirely preventable, security risks.

Why Proactive Data Compliance Is Imperative for Secure Digital Transformation

The risks associated with failure to establish proactive data compliance go far beyond regulatory violations and loss of consumer trust. Compliance is critical for secure digital transformation.