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Kevin Skapinetz

VP of Strategy and Product Design, IBM Security

Kevin Skapinetz is Vice President of Strategy and Product Design for IBM Security. He’s responsible for the overall strategic direction for IBM’s portfolio of products and services to protect customers from cyberthreats. Kevin recently led worldwide product marketing and over the last five years has been instrumental in building the IBM Security business unit into one of the largest security companies in the world. A 15-year veteran of the security industry, Kevin joined IBM from ISS (acquired by IBM in 2006), where he held multiple leadership positions in product management and engineering. He led product management for X-Force – one of the most respected commercial research organizations – and was chief strategist in the Office of the CTO, where he built the company's roadmap for securing emerging technologies, including virtualization and cloud computing.

Written By Kevin Skapinetz

The Journey to Security and Cyber Resiliency

At Think 2018, attendees will learn how an integrated approach to security and resiliency can help them prevent cyberattacks and effectively respond to the ones that slip through their defenses.

Five Easy Pieces: How Machine Learning Is Already Boosting Cybersecurity

IT professionals are turning to machine learning solutions to help them reduce the rate of false positives and monitor huge volumes of data in real time.

10 Cybersecurity Lessons From 10 Years’ Experience at IBM

IBM Security Director of strategy and product design Kevin Skapinetz shared 10 cybersecurity lessons he picked up in his decade of experience in IT.

Co-Written By Kevin Skapinetz