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Mark Stone

Mark Stone is a Hubspot-certified content marketing writer specializing in technology, business, and entertainment. He is a regular contributor to Forbes BrandVoice and Dell Technologies Perspectives and also helps a large Canadian telecom with sales and technical documentation. Earlier in his career, he was a CISSP network security analyst for the government. Mark lives in beautiful Kelowna, BC with his wife and two black cats. He may or may not watch too much TV.

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Why You Should Be Worried About London Blue’s Business Email Compromise Attacks

Researchers have discovered evidence of a threat group named London Blue, a U.K.-based collective that focuses on CFOs at mortgage companies, accounting firms and some of the world's largest banks.

What Can Consumers and IT Decision-Makers Do About the Threat of Malvertising?

Malvertising is one more threat that will keep your IT decision-makers up at night, but any company with a protection-first mindset should be able to remain ahead of the curve.

Is 5G Technology a Blessing or a Curse for Security? Depends Who You Ask

With blazing fast speeds and lower latency, will 5G technology mitigate or exacerbate existing network security concerns?

We Need to Talk About NIST’s Dropped Password Management Recommendations

NIST has changed its long-standing recommendations for password management, favoring minimal user friction over complexity requirements and regular password updates.

6 Common Myths That Could Be Holding Back Your Cybersecurity Awareness Efforts

To improve the company's overall cyber resilience posture, security leaders must promote a culture of cybersecurity awareness from the top down. They can start by debunking these six common myths.

Bringing It All Back Home: Why You Should Apply Enterprise Network Security Policies to Your Smart Home

As threat actors increasingly target IoT devices to spread malware and facilitate DDoS attacks, it's crucial to establish network security policies for your home IT just as you would at work.

What Are the Risks and Rewards Associated With AI in Healthcare?

While the use of AI in healthcare promises to improve visibility and implementation, there are serious risks associated with the emerging technology if misused by staff or abused by threat actors.

Legal AI: How Machine Learning Is Aiding — and Concerning — Law Practitioners

Law firms tasked with analyzing mounds of data can vastly improve their efficiency by using legal AI tools.

Managing Enterprise Security Risk on Vacation

Enterprise data and devices require additional safeguarding wherever your employee takes them — especially on vacation. Some basic user education can greatly reduce security risk.

How Will Healthcare Cybersecurity Issues Impact Acquisitions?

Healthcare cybersecurity is now the primary concern during acquisitions in this expanding industry. Business owners can take proactive steps to secure digital infrastructure before issues arise.