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Martin McKeay

Security Advocate

Martin McKeay is a Senior Security Advocate at Akamai, joining the company in 2011. As a member of Akamai's Security Intelligence Team, he is responsible for researching security threats, customer education and industry intelligence. With over fifteen years of experience in the security space and five years of direct Payment Card Industry work, Martin has provided expertise to hundreds of companies. He is also the author of the Network Security Blog and host of the Network Security Podcast.

Written By Martin McKeay

Don’t Go It Alone: Building Relationships and Sharing Threat Intelligence for the Common Good

Companies across all verticals can diminish the impact of widespread cyberthreats by forging collaborative partnerships and sharing threat intelligence.

Getting the Most Out of Black Hat

The Black Hat conference offers a chance to network and glean insights from experts that can change the way you think about security.

Your Medical Device Is in My Internet of Things

A medical device today is most likely connected to the Internet of Things, which makes security and vulnerability reporting of paramount importance.

Pay Us the Money or the Website Gets It: Extortion by DDoS

Organized groups are using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as a way to threaten companies and carry out cyber extortion.

Researching the Psychology of Hackers

Mary Aiken, the director of the CyberPsychology Research Center (CPRC) in Dublin, is leading the charge in the study of the psychology of hackers.

Send Security Awareness Home

You can get users to pay attention to security awareness and embrace the best practices by applying concepts from the workplace to their home lives.

Career Growth: The Need to Learn

Career growth within the security industry comes from professionals constantly striving to learn about new tools, technologies and strategies.

The Five Most Interesting Talks at Black Hat, DEF CON and BSides

This year's lineup of talks at the Black Hat, DEF CON and BSides conferences was particularly interesting. Here are five of the hottest topics from Vegas.

What Happens in Vegas: Taking the ‘Hallway Track’ at a Security Conference

If you're heading to a security conference in Las Vegas, you should know how to make the most of your time and how to master the infamous "Hallway Track."

DDoS Extortion: Easy and Lucrative

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can vex organizations in a number of ways. Learn how to secure your networks and respond appropriately.