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Martin McKeay

Security Advocate

Martin McKeay is a Senior Security Advocate at Akamai, joining the company in 2011. As a member of Akamai's Security Intelligence Team, he is responsible for researching security threats, customer education and industry intelligence. With over fifteen years of experience in the security space and five years of direct Payment Card Industry work, Martin has provided expertise to hundreds of companies. He is also the author of the Network Security Blog and host of the Network Security Podcast.

Written By Martin McKeay

Why Security Skills Should Be Taught, Not Hired

To alleviate the cybersecurity hiring gap, CISOs should look to tap new pools of talent in adjacent industries and help new hires develop their security skills through thorough, regular training.

Reflecting on the Memcached Reflection Attacks: A Wake-Up Call for Developers

The memcached vulnerability isn't new, but attackers exploited it in late February to launch what might be the largest DDoS attack on record.

Your RSA Conference 2018 Survival Guide: Plan Ahead and Stay Hydrated

To get the most out of your RSA Conference experience, plan ahead, arrive early, build time into your schedule to unwind with peers and, perhaps most importantly, stay hydrated.

The Account Checker Knocking at Your Door

Hear that sound? It's not opportunity knocking — it's an account checker trying to access your site using stolen login credentials.

Why You Should Drop Everything and Enable Two-Factor Authentication Immediately

Login credentials are a favorite target of today's cybercriminals, and two-factor authentication is now crucial to meet bare-minimum security standards.

The Art of Disclosing Your Incident Response Strategy to the Public

As data breaches gain public attention, vulnerability disclosure becomes an increasingly crucial part of the incident response process.

Don’t Go It Alone: Building Relationships and Sharing Threat Intelligence for the Common Good

Companies across all verticals can diminish the impact of widespread cyberthreats by forging collaborative partnerships and sharing threat intelligence.

Getting the Most Out of Black Hat

The Black Hat conference offers a chance to network and glean insights from experts that can change the way you think about security.

Your Medical Device Is in My Internet of Things

A medical device today is most likely connected to the Internet of Things, which makes security and vulnerability reporting of paramount importance.

Pay Us the Money or the Website Gets It: Extortion by DDoS

Organized groups are using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as a way to threaten companies and carry out cyber extortion.