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Milan Patel

IoT Security Program Director, IBM

    Milan is currently the Program Director for IoT Security at IBM. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT Security, Cloud and Service Management. He has worked in a variety of different roles in product management and product marketing spanning applications, middleware, infrastructure, security and service management.

    Written By Milan Patel

    QRadar UBA App Adds Machine Learning and Peer Group Analyses to Detect Anomalies in Users’ Activities

    User behavior analytics (UBA) solutions enable SOC analysts to reduce the rate of false positives and more accurately detect insider threats.

    Increasing Visibility to Insider Threats With Integrated User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

    Security teams should look for user behavior analytics capabilities designed to simplify complex security operations and monitor threats efficiently.

    The Security and Privacy of Wearable Health and Fitness Devices

    Health and fitness devices that are connected to the Internet of Things can improve quality of life, but they also have security and privacy risks.

    Co-Written By Milan Patel

    Tracking Malicious Insiders: Catch Me If You Can

    A UBA solution powered by machine learning enables security teams to model normal behavior and track subtle changes in user activity to identify malicious insiders.