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Nick Oropall

WW Market Segment Manager, IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration

    Nick Oropall is the worldwide marketing manager for IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence. He frequently comments on IAM's impact on emerging security requirements, such as insider threat, cloud/mobile, compliance and governance. In his 5 years at IBM he has worked in client facing and marketing roles within the Security division.

    Written By Nick Oropall

    Security Starts With People: IBM to Showcase Robust IAM Strategy at Gartner IAM Summit in London

    IBM plans to promote its conviction that security starts with people at the 2017 Gartner IAM Summit, set to kick off in London on March 6.

    Protect Your Crown Jewels Against the Insider Threat: Know Your Users, Know Your Data

    All access is not created equal. To protect your crown jewels from an insider threat, it's critical to know your data and, more importantly, your users.

    Gartner IAM Summit and Upcoming Webinars Highlight Identity Governance and Intelligence

    IBM Security will showcase its identity governance and intelligence solution at the upcoming 2016 Gartner IAM Summit, and during two webinars in December.

    Learn How to Protect Yourself From Yourself With Identity Governance and Intelligence

    An effective identity governance and intelligence solution enables IT leaders to manage and monitor the levels of access granted to each individual user.

    Audit and Security Come Together with Identity Governance and Intelligence at MISTI: SuperStrategies

    The MITSI: SuperStrategies 2016 agenda is designed to help internal audit executives understand the challenges they face every day.

    Safeguard Health Care Identities and Data With Identity Governance and Intelligence

    Identity governance and intelligence solutions are poised to help health care organizations secure personal data and electronic medical records.

    E.ON Streamlines IT Audits: Identity Governance in Action

    Large organizations can solve problems related to identity governance and security compliance with the help of the right solutions.

    The Cross-Examination of Identity Governance and Intelligence

    IBM believes that business activities are the most effective solution for identity governance. Find out why in an upcoming webinar.

    Gartner, IBM Discuss Business-Critical Identity and Access Management at the 2016 IAM Summit

    IBM will head to the 2016 IAM Summit, hosted by Gartner, to discuss how identity and access management practices impact enterprises today.

    Don’t Gamble on Security, Protect the User Identity: The 2015 Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas

    IBM will be heavily involved in Gartner's 2015 Identity and Access Management Summit. Take a sneak peek at some of the IBM-led talks.