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Pamela Cobb

Market Segment Manager, IBM X-Force and Security Intelligence

Pamela Cobb directs product marketing activities for the IBM X-Force and Threat Protection offerings developing messaging, collateral, website content. She came to IBM through the acquisition of Internet Security Systems, where she managed the Competitive Intelligence function. Elsewhere in IBM, Pam has worked in database marketing and market insights focusing on Midmarket and Hardware products She's earned the IBM Forward Thinker Award and IBM Global Best Database Marketing Practice Award, and has been published in the Journal of Competitive Intelligence.

Written By Pamela Cobb

The Hack React: Testing a SOC Director’s Cybersecurity Incident Response

When Lincoln Healthcare experiences a watering hole attack, security operations center (SOC) director Malcolm Gerhard is tasked with developing a swift cybersecurity incident response. Will he succeed?

The Inadvertent Insider Threat: A CISO Confronts a Breach From Within

Human error, credential misuse and disgruntled employees aren't the most common threats security leaders have to face — but the complexities of these incidents make insider threats the stuff of CISO nightmares.

The Digital Disaster: A CIO Embraces Cyber Resilience

What happens when a malware infection results in permanent loss of data, operational downtime and significant reputational damage? Experience the cyber resilience failures of airline CIO Martin Kinsley.

The Compliance Crisis: A Compliance Officer Faces an Outdated Risk Management Framework

Follow along with risk and compliance officer Frank Roth as he endeavors to fill in the gaps of an outdated (and incomplete) risk management framework in his new role at a utility company.

The Cloud Commotion: An IT Director’s Road to Cloud Transformation

Follow the decision-making process of IT director Shira Sutton as she endeavors to avoid security risks and unnecessary business continuity headaches on the journey to cloud transformation.

The Modernization Misstep: A CEO Takes on Digital Transformation

Step into the shoes of an insurance company CEO chasing digital transformation. Read on as she tries to avoid missteps in this story about modernization, risks, fraud and user experience.

Elevating Education on the Security and Resiliency Campus at Think 2018

Think 2018 offers attendees a unique opportunity to interact with IBM and industry experts, view hands-on demos and tackle today's top security issues.

Unexpectedly Useful Skills for Careers in Cybersecurity

Seemingly unrelated skills — such as untangling yarn, herding cats and cataloging toys — can benefit people looking to start careers in cybersecurity.

What Do Avocados and Threat Intelligence Have in Common?

Like a delicious guacamole, security teams need a perfect mix of IP addresses, MD5 checksum hashes and other threat intelligence to protect their networks.

Stay Up to Date on Threat Intelligence With New X-Force Exchange Capabilities

The IBM X-Force Exchange features new capabilities and notifications to help security analysts collaborate and share threat intelligence more efficiently.